John Chow Reads Devtrench!

If it wasn't for a ton of work that got dropped on me last week, I would have blogged about this sooner, but last week this site was graced by the presence of John Chow! As you can see, his MyBlogLog avatar is still in the sidebar (if it's not you can see it here).

This is one of the reasons that MyBlogLog and services like it are so cool. Here are some more reasons why MyBlogLog is cool:

Honestly, when I signed up for MyBlogLog I really didn't get what it was for, and after using it for a while I can tell you that the main benefit is that you can get to know who is visiting your blog. It provides a way for you to visually make connections with others. For instance, I know a lot of people that visit John's blog visit here because I see the same avatars on both sites. Pretty cool, huh?

If you like this blog then why not join my MyBlogLog community, or you can always subscribe to my rss feed. The End