1. WordPress to MODx Migration Part 3: Templates, Categories, and Postmeta
  2. WordPress to MODx Migration Part 2: Schema Relationships and Comments
  3. WordPress to MODx Migration Part 1: First Impressions of xPDO
  4. MODxpo 2010
  5. Troubleshooting Tip: Reduce and Simplify
  6. Taking A Different Approach
  7. Two New Tutorials for MODx and PHP
  8. DEVTRENCH Blank Theme for Wordpress
  9. Book Review: MODx Web Development from Packt Publishing
  10. iPhone vs Blackberry Curve Web Browsing
  11. New Mobile Tool: DNS Lookup
  12. Upcoming Review: MODx Web Development from Packt Publishing
  13. Where to Find Cheap SSL Certificates
  14. cPanel Bandwidth Checking Script
  15. MODx Chunk Cache Plugin
  16. New Tool: MODx Snippet Call2PHP
  17. MODx Sucks
  18. I Found Out I'm A WOL Geek
  19. 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using a Framework
  20. The Web Won't Solve Your Org's Problems
  21. Which php.ini?
  22. X-Cart Friendly Urls Not So Friendly
  23. Duplicate Content Solution For Mobile Sites
  24. A New Theme For DEVTRENCH
  25. Changes Ahead For DEVTRENCH
  26. Two Easy Website Traffic Tips
  27. Simple Email Logger Using cPanel's Pipe Forwarder
  28. Using Microsoft Virtual Machine for Testing
  29. Windows Speech Recognition Sucks
  30. Automatic cPanel Backup
  31. Try Out Symfony With Jobeet
  32. Quick and Dirty Wordpress Page Feed Plugin
  33. One Thing You Should Never Do In PHP
  34. Fix Permissions After WordPress SVN Install
  35. Anything but Photoshop - 10 Free Image Editors
  36. The Advantage of Developing with Blueprint CSS
  37. Adding Linux to Your Web Development Arsenal
  38. Extending a WordPress Site: Core Hijack
  39. Top Affiliate Challenge is Over
  40. How to Scrape an Entire Wordpress Blog
  41. Top Affiliate Challenge Episodes 2,3 and 4
  42. Top Affiliate Challenge Launched Today
  43. NPMMO Google Ad Manager Meeting Recap
  44. Watch Out For Automatic Wordpress Updates
  45. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking Mountain Dew
  46. Browie is Giving Away and iPod!
  47. New Baby+Hit and Run+Vacation=One Hell of a Week
  48. Is Google Ad Manager Worth It?
  49. Accounts are Fun
  50. The Google Juice Works Whether Your Site Does or Not
  51. Success Comes From Stupidity
  52. Announcing the DEVTRENCH Web Developer Directory
  53. Multiple Instances of Mozilla Thunderbird
  54. Free Smilies for Your Wordpress Blog - SquareSmilies
  55. For The Love of God, Rotate Your Logs
  56. How To Mass Create Email Addresses In cPanel
  57. Things that Suck About MODx CMS
  58. Six Super Easy Ways to Make Millions Online
  59. Response to "Earn Money Online Just By Showing Up"
  60. Firefox Extensions I Can't Live Without
  61. Hanging with Shoemoney and Thor Shrock
  62. How To Use a MODx Plugin to Cache Snippets
  63. Three Free Browser Compatibility Screenshot Tools
  64. New Tool - CSS Formatter and Optimizer
  65. Automation Tip: How To Auto Set Copyright Years*
  66. HTML2PS and HTML2PDF - Best HTML to PDF Converter
  67. Missing Try WordTracker's FREE keyword suggestion tool.
  68. How To Make Update Statements From phpMyAdmin
  69. Top Commentators Beat the Crap out of Do Follow
  70. Remember to Search for Promo Codes
  71. An Easy Way to Get .edu Back Links
  72. 8 Things I Learned on My Blogging Sabbatical
  73. Christmas Blogging Slowdown and Future Improvements
  74. Merry Thanksgiving to Me Thanks to CODESQUEEZE!!
  75. Links from the Trench #9
  76. Thanks United States Veterans!
  77. Free Vortex Images In The New DEVTRENCH Gallery
  78. How to Use PNGs to Make Awesome Backgrounds
  79. October 2007 Recap and Traffic Report
  80. DEVTRENCH Rises from the Ashes of the Google Nuke
  81. Harness the Raw Power of StumbleUpon - Three Simple Tips
  82. Did You Pass the BlogRush Test?
  83. How to Code a Simple Zip Code Locator in PHP
  84. Links from the Trench #8
  85. The Best Web Development Software IMHO
  86. John Chow Reads Devtrench!
  87. Fun With SEO - Ranking for Waxed Meat
  88. The Secret to Finding Out What Sites are on Your Shared Host
  89. Links from the Trenches #7
  90. September 2007 Website Traffic
  91. Celebrating Four Months of Blogging with a new Design!
  92. Never write an email form report from scratch again!
  93. The Controversy Continues: Fixed Width or Fluid Design
  94. I Don't Like Macs and They Don't Like Me
  95. Adsense just downright sucks!
  96. Best Interview Ever: Shoemoney and John Reese
  97. PHP Command Line Interface (CLI) Tips
  98. Screen Scraping: How to Screen Scrape a Website with PHP and cURL
  99. Links from the Trenches #6
  100. Work Some Database Magic with DBDesigner 4
  101. Auto Site Start MODx Resource Install Script
  102. DEVTRENCH Alexa Rank on the Rise and the Sites That Helped
  103. Working at home: five tips to make it work
  104. Links from the Trenches #5
  105. OpenAds and Wordpress Plugin Conflict Solution
  106. PHP Application Framework Battle Royale: CodeIgniter vs. Symfony
  107. If you lost your job, how would you make money online?
  108. August 2007 Website Traffic
  109. Links from the Trenches #4
  110. Do you take working at home for granted?
  111. The Reseller Hosting How-To
  112. Out sick, again...
  113. Ecommerce Demystified: How to setup your online store with real life examples.
  114. What is Great Content? Defining this ubiquitous term
  115. Links from the Trenches #3
  116. Video Tutorial: Online CSS Formatter and Optimizer
  117. How to Make a Resizeable Full Screen Flash Animation
  118. July 2007 Website Traffic
  119. Links from the Trenches #2
  120. 5 Tips for Website Traffic Success with Social Bookmarking
  121. Shoemoney Blog Archive
  122. Getting Technorati Authority and how to comment on JohnChow dot com
  123. Links from the Trenches #1
  124. MODx "Invalid XML response from connector" error
  125. 10 Reasons why NewsGator is my RSS reader
  126. Increasing Site Traffic Strategey Update #1
  127. DynamicDescription: Brand New Meta Description Snippet for MODx
  128. Web Development blows, just another day in the trenches...
  129. Google to Aquire Postini
  130. Blog Design is Important: the second coming
  131. June Website Traffic
  132. Keeping the Focus
  133. Why MODx is my CMS of choice...
  134. DEVTRENCH gets its first theme overhaul
  135. Implementing All in One SEO Pack
  136. Great Blogs with Great Ebooks!
  137. Trackback spam and web stats: Using Google Analytics to figure it out.
  138. Out sick: Preparing for a regular posting schedule.
  139. More SEO/WordPress Ads Project Strategy Changes
  140. DEVTRENCH is live!!
  141. Big changes ahead for!
  142. The Ads Project
  143. Better Veriword Captcha Display
  144. Video Tutorial: How to use Postini
  145. MODx SQL template, chunk, snippet, category install script
  146. PHP Timing Script With Average Time
  147. Adding a user friendly FREE download to LiteCommerce store
  148. How to Become an SEO Professional
  149. Correct Settings for Audio/Video Sync CamStudio Problems
  150. More on WEP vs. WPA
  151. Organize cluttered Start Menu? For the other dolts out there...
  152. WPA Can also be Cracked!!
  153. Wireless networks are hardly secure - even with WEP encryption!
  154. Awesome FLV to MOV, and much more converter
  155. Guitar Shred Show
  156. Working at Failure
  157. I baptize you into blogging...