Video Tutorial: Online CSS Formatter and Optimizer

This is a video tutorial I created to showcase an online css formatter and optimizer. I'll apologize in advance for the poor audio quality towards the end of the video (I'm still learning how to do this), but I don't think it detracts from the overall message of the video. I'll see if I can't spend more time with camstudio to get it set up right. Can't wait for the next version to come out.

Anyway, if you are creating large CSS files it is a good idea to compress them once a site goes into production mode. In fact, using the compression tool can save you space even if you don't want to compress it down to one line, so it is always a good idea to do the minimal compression since it will save you some space. The tool I used is located at, but doing a quick google search yields many results (the code for this must be open source since the same form is on many sites). Enjoy...

video removed...use the new css formatter on DEVTRENCH!