Two Easy Website Traffic Tips

I've been developing this website in earnest for almost 2 years now and during those 2 years I've learned easy traffic tips that never fail. These might seem easy, and they are, but some do it better than others (and a lot do it better than me). But, no matter how good you do it, these two tips will help you get off the ground traffic wise if you are missing the basics.

Tip #1: Write Content and Wait

That's right, just write content and wait. It doesn't even have to be really good content to generate traffic - it just has to be something people want. I couldn't have guessed the most popular posts on this blog a 2 years ago, and you can't guess that for your site either. So just write content and wait - some content will do much better than others. A post that gets 10 visits a day now, might get 100 visits a day next year, and that is where the power of this technique lies. This should give you hope if you are just starting out and seeing really weak traffic numbers. Just be patient. Google freaks: Don't be worried about your pagerank either. This site lost it's PR 4 months ago. I'd be concerned, but traffic numbers continue to climb. PR is bullshit.

Tip #2: Cast a Wide Net

This tip follows #1 perfectly: As long as you are writing content, you might as well write a ton of it. This has been a proven technique since the internet began. Getting more search engine traffic is a lot like fishing with a net. The bigger the net, the more fish you can get, right? Well, the more pages your site has, the more search engine pages your site will show up on. You do the math. This technique has worked well for me in the past. You should explore as many ways as you can to get more pages on your site. You can even find ways to automatically put content on your site by using datafeeds, embedded content (ie youtube videos), rss feeds, etc. Just to be clear, I'm not saying that if your site has 20 pages on it you should add 20 more. I'm saying if your site has 20 pages, you need to add 20,000 more. It's a wwwwiiiiiiiddddddeeee net!

That's it, the rest is pretty much all about who you know :) Hey that's tip #3!