Top Affiliate Challenge is Over

I was finally able to watch episodes 5-14 of TAC over a 3 day stretch last week. Overall I was pretty impressed with the show, even though my initial impressions left me wanting more. The acting got better, and they actually showed how some things were done, and some of the contestants shared pretty good details about how they got started and how they make money. Just the fact that Thor was able to pull it off while running his business and other things he does is pretty amazing to me.

Big surprise that Jonathan van Clute won, but he deserved it since he really knows his stuff. I was glad to see Carl come in 2nd; he's a smart guy. I think Ian Jani got lucky in third place and it could have been anyone else.

As far as the Gurus go, it was very unfortunate for Shoemoney that his baby had such problems after she was born. Not exactly the best way to enter this world, but I'm glad that she's doing better now and hopefully Shoe and his wife can get into the groove of being parents of 2 kids soon (if there is such a groove :) ). John Chow got voted off and I'm not really sure I agreed with that. I think he gives the most honest view of the show in his shocking behind the scenes take on TAC. So since Shoe and John were out, Ken McArthur had the show all to himself to promote the JV Alert conference and his book...good for him.

It sounds like there could be a TAC 2 in the works already so I'm excited to see that if it happens.