The Ads Project

While the main mission of this site is to provide quality content for its readers, the secondary goal is to be a money making website. I want to be open and honest about this business practice from the get go, because I want you to know why the ads are on this site.

The problem for me is that I don't generate a lot of traffic each month and I'm relatively new at the blogging game. Even though I've been in web development since 1997, have acted in various roles from designer, programmer, project manager, own my own web development company, and have worked on some pretty high traffic sites, I still have not grasped what it takes to take a site from zero traffic and grow it into a site getting tens of thousands of visits a month. That is the goal of what I'm calling the Ads Project. In one year from today I hope to grow this site into one that gets 10,000 page views a day and generates at least $1000 a month in ad revenue.

The Strategy

This is the strategy I'll use to attain my results. This strategy is definitely not set in stone, and when I see fit to change it, I'll post what I'm doing and why.

The Conditions

The Timeline

This project officially starts today :) June 1 2007 to May 31 2008. I'll disclose my final results on June 1, 2008. I hope they're good and not another source of dissapointment for me.


Here is a link to the initial projections: [download#1]