Six Super Easy Ways to Make Millions Online

Here's a fun post that was prompted by my last one. It really is easy to make millions online and here's six ways how to do it..

  1. Steal It
    These guys made millions of dollars stealing peoples identities and selling them online. I bet it was easy, but did they really think they wouldn't get caught?
  2. Spam
    Spam enough people and you are bound to make some cold hard cash. What's easier than sending out billions of emails filled with affiliate links and stock scams?
  3. Be a genius
    The guy that runs this site must be a genius. Being a genius is a pretty easy way to make millions online.
  4. Gamble
    Do feel lucky? Crap, online slots has got to be one of the easiest ways to make millions. You don't even have to pull a real lever!!
  5. Win it!
    Hey if gambling is too much work for you, then you can just buy a lottery ticket. Sure the odds are way against you, but does it really get any easier than picking six numbers?
  6. Lie
    Why not? The Nigerians do it all the time!

There you have it, six super easy ways to make millions online, and you didn't even have to buy an ebook!