September 2007 Website Traffic

This is the first month where traffic didn't increase on this blog. It's amazing how getting banned from StumbleUpon can affect your traffic :) I was banned at the end of last month and can no longer submit my own stuff. I know I can probably just sign up with another user (against TOS) and drive more traffic here, but seriously, what's the point of having a big traffic spike if its just going to go down the next day? After I was banned last month I decided to do minimal marketing on this blog just to see what would a happen. All I've done marketing wise for September is post in forums like Digital Point, MODx, and Dathorn, and continue to write almost every day. So here's how it went down...


If you download the report and take a look, it's pretty obvious where I was using StumbleUpon. The big traffic spike in the middle of the blog is where I got cut off. I used a stumble exchange on DP forums to get that much traffic, and SU apparently said that was enough for me. After doing the SU thing for a while, it kind of seems ridiculous, especially in light of the fact that I took Adsense off this blog. I think I've come to the conclusion that I want real readers on this blog, not just numbers. In fact, I've gotten to know some of the people that read here and that is what is keeping me motivated now :) So thanks to all of the real readers out there!

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