Quick and Dirty Wordpress Page Feed Plugin

Since WordPress doesn't support rss feeds for pages out of the box and I needed it, I decided to write this plugin to satisfy my need for now. Like the title says, this is quick and dirty, but it gets the job done. The next version of this plugin will be an RSS 2 feed. I just wanted to get this out since I saw a lot of people asking about this in the WP forums.

Download [download#11#size#nohits]

  } else {
    $pages = get_pages(array('sort_order'=>'DESC'));

  echo ''; ?>

	<?php bloginfo_rss('name'); wp_title_rss(); ?>

ID); ?>


To use it, place the file in your plugins folder and then call your feed like this:
This will call all of your pages (the limit is set by the default post per page limit in WP)

This will call only children of the page with an id of 30.

I'll post back with an advanced version of this plugin once I get time to write it. Feel free to make feature requests here.