Out sick: Preparing for a regular posting schedule.

For the last three days I've been holed up in my room trying to get rid of one of the worst cases of stomach flu I've ever had. I can't remember the last time that it's felt like I've been wrung out and then ran over a few times. When my wife asked, "What in the world have you come down with?", the only answer I could muster was, "Death."

Well, now that Death has seemed to loosen it's grip on me and I'm beginning to feel better, I was feeling sorry for my countless readers out there who are missing my posts. This got me thinking of a post I read the other day on optiniche creatively titled "Make Time for Blogging with a Schedule". While I won't go over everything that Teli wrote in his post, I will say that it got me thinking that I need some backup posts for this blog in emergency situations so that I can have posts coming out on a regular basis. My current schedule is three times per week, Mon, Wed, Fri and will increase to 5 days and then seven. By that time I should have enough posts to be able to just repost old ones in a pinch, but until that time building up an inventory of posts to get me through another week like I just had would be good.

So my tip for today is: "Be prepared. Have backup posts."