New Baby+Hit and Run+Vacation=One Hell of a Week

I haven't blogged for the past week and for good wife had our third kid on Thursday the 17th and I pretty much didn't turn on the computer for 10 days. Olivia was born at 7:56am, the same time as our son was born.

For those of you that don't know, babies are really cool, especially when it comes around the third time. Unlike the first time where I pretty much freaked out for nine+ months, this time felt really natural and fun. And when you're not freaking out, you can really take time to enjoy the new baby. It's fun when you are prepared for it :) Honestly I never really pictured myself as a dad when I was growing up (I thought I was going to be an Artist!), but it has turned out to be the second most enjoyable thing in my life (second to being married to my wife).

So while we were enjoying our new baby, our van was hit in the parking garage of the hospital. No note, no report, nothing. I couldn't believe it. Basically what happened is someone scraped the paint off the bumper and put a pretty good dent in the side panel near the rear light. I talked to the hospital security and they said that since it was a hit and run they had to call the police. So then I got to wait for 40 minutes for them to show up and basically tell me it's bad luck. I wanted to ask the officer if they had the Lincoln CSI Unit on the case, but I pretty much knew the answer was no.

Once we got home I took the next week off for vacation to help my wife with the new baby and our 2 other kids. It was nice to get away from work and just be at home (I work at home so that pretty much means no computer).

We purchased a new camera, an Olympus Stylus 840, for this occasion because our old camera, a Kodak, had terrible red eye when taking pics. I really like the new Olympus, it's a great camera. Our old camera used an SD card, while the new one uses XD. I thought I was a-ok since my card reader accepts both, but when I put the XD card full of photos of our new baby girl into the reader, it wouldn't read it. When I placed it back into the camera it said there were no pictures!! I scrambled to find the usb cable and plugged that into the camera and computer. It was able to load that way, but over half of our pictures were gone! I about put my fist through the wall, but since I did that a few months ago I went outside and hit my car a few times (it's good to get your anger out, right?). Well, thanks to my wife calming me down and , I googled for some way to get the photos back and found PhotoRec. It worked, thank you Jesus (and Christophe Grenier)!!

That pretty much wraps up all of the excitement for us this past week. I'm slowly getting back to the grindstone..