Merry Thanksgiving to Me Thanks to CODESQUEEZE!!

About 2 months ago, Max Pool from Codesqueeze announced his First Annual Squeezed Reader Awards, and the day before Thanksgiving he emailed me that I'd won the iPod!! I just want to thank Max for the contest and for naming me the winner!

How did I win? Well, I wrote a guest post on 25 Signs That You've Got a Bad Client, made comments on his posts, put a link to the blog in my blogroll, stumbled and dugg almost every new post he wrote, and I already am an RSS subscriber and had faved Codesqueeze on Technorati. Basically, I did everything except write a post about one of his. The great thing about all of this stuff is that it came natural because I really like Codesqueeze. Max writes about the day in day out problems programmers face, and that represents a lot of what DEVTRENCH is about. I've been reading Codesqueeze since I stumbled upon his 101 Ways To Know Your Software Project Is Doomed post.