Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking Mountain Dew

About 6 weeks ago, when my darling little girl was born, I had this grand notion that I would quit drinking Mountain Dew. After all, my 3-or-4-can-a-day habit was getting kind of expensive with the skyrocketing prices of 24 packs and gas. And I figured that I was probably better off not drinking all of the bad stuff that makes Mountain Dew sooooo good (namely BVO, caffeine, and reports of benzene).

Instead of just laying back on the stuff, I decided to quit drinking pop all together. Well, that was a stupid idea. After a few days of bad headaches, I was pretty much ok until I had to get back to work at both my day job and my freelance activities. I mean, I just couldn't stay up past 11:30pm without dozing off at my computer, and that's with taking a nap! I just felt totally mellowed out, it was horrible.

I finally got my senses back and bought me a case when it went on sale ($4.98 here in Lincoln), and now I feel back to normal. The first night back to drinking I stayed up until 2:00am no problem, and last night I was up until 3 (bit tired today though, hmm, time to open up a new can). I never realized how much I depend on caffeine to be able to stay awake and just really feel normal, which is kind of weird, but that's the way it is.

"Hello, my name is James, and I'm addicted to Mountain Dew."