Links from the Trenches #7

It's time for another round of links. I found some really cool design sites this week...

Photoshop Tutorials from
This is a great Photoshop tutorial site and just a cool site all around. First of all, the tutorials are written really well, and secondly, if you want to write a tutorial they'll pay you for it (if it's any good). They also look like they are monetizing the site well. It's just really worth it to check this site out since they are doing so many things right.

Photoshop Text Effects Round-Up: 51 Text Effect Tutorials Every Designer Should See
This is a great list of photoshop text effect tutorials from around the web. Some of the highlights are: how to make realistic fire text, Matrix text, Apple text, Astro turf text, Metal text, etc etc. Cool stuff.

...and I used this site last week to help me figure out PHP's error handling.

Error Handling and Logging from I Love Jack Daniels
This is a good post that explains each directive in the PHP error handling section of the php.ini file. The End