June Website Traffic

June really seemed to fly by for me with all of the development that has been going on with this blog, and on all my other projects. I've already learned so much more about how blogs work and how to monetize a blog. In fact I know I've been doing a lot more reading than posting, but I figured as much.

Well, here are the results for June:


They are simply pathetic compared to other sites, but this site has really only been around a few months. I'm not already famous, so I know that getting traffic to this site is going to take some hard work. Like I said, I've really learned a lot about blogging and a little bit about myself as well. As for blogging, I've been learning all sorts of things about how and when to post, how to monetize your site, and even a few things not to do. Personally I've learned that I really like to do this! I'm pretty well hooked on blogging and even though I'm not posting as much as I should be, I want to be posting every day.

I'd say at this point that is probably the weakest part about the blog. I need to increase my posting frequency so that I can get the things I know out the door quicker. So I'll be trying to focus mostly on that in the coming months.

A few other major things this month will be: