July 2007 Website Traffic

Hey, it's already August :) Seems like things fly by so fast for me, probably because I do way to much stuff. Anyway, the traffic to the blog has more than tripled over the last month so that is really exciting. I hope to see continued traffic growth like this in the future. Here are my Google Analytics stats for this month:


Analytics is so great for a lot of reasons

However, you have to take into account that not everyone is counted in Google Analytics (those who have javascript shut off), and different stats software counts things differently. Basically I use stats to see basic traffic trends, and to see who is coming, where they are coming from, what search terms are getting people to my site, and how long they are staying.

How have I gotten such an increase in traffic? Well its from writing great content of course! Well, that and really trying hard to market the site through social networks and blogs. Read about the last two months effort to market this blog. I've spent as much or more time marketing the blog than writing. That is something that I wish I didn't have to do, but I want readers. For the next month I'm going to try to focus on creating more content over marketing, but I know I'll still have to get the word out.

Some of the highlights from June are:

That's all! I'll just keep on posting (I still need to start doing video posts), and I hope everyone keeps coming. The End