Response to "Earn Money Online Just By Showing Up"

I read the post on John Chow's blog Earn Money Online Just By Showing Up and just felt like poking some fun at it. After all, why are people sill posting this crap?

Here is the list of things the author recommends as the secret to making a "few thousand dollars a month in earnings"...

1. Blog or write content for your web site every day. If you canít do this, then just flip burgers for a living and get out of the way of the rest of us.

On second thought, don't. Blog or write quality posts on a consistent basis. Period. No one wants to hear the same crap like this over and over again. If you can put out quality every day, then you're awesome. But don't try to live up to this standard if you know you can't. You don't know your limits until you try.

2. Leave 10 comments on blogs in your niche every day and especially try to find blogs that award top commentators with links back to their sites. I also prefer not to be too negative or crude in my commenting, but some creative disagreement might bring a good amount of traffic to your site from people wanting to know more about your perspective.

Someone must subscribe to Yaro Starak's email newsletter. Instead of writing comments and basically wasting your time trying to kiss ass on other people's blogs, just email the authors and try to get to know them. Better yet, send them a guest post. Nobody likes a comment whore.

3. Write 1 article a week related to one of your niches and submit it to 3 article directories for additional links back to your site. My top article directory is

Holymoly my fingers are tired from all of this writing. Just fill the world with your spam, we all appreciate it.

4. Leave at least 5 forum replies or new threads each day in forums like the DigitalPoint Forums or

Make sure you leave replies like, "Way to go", and "LOL".

5. Grab some sort of attention for your blog at least once a month by ordering a review, writing a guest post, sending a blogger a pic of yourself in their logo t-shirt hoping they will blog about it, paying for a quality ad spot or something else to get featured in a major blog.

#5 is good advice, do much more of #5 than than any of the rest of these things and you'll either get famous or go to jail for stalking.

Seriously, while much of this advice is ok (ie. try to get links back to your site, try to network, etc), I'm getting really tired of seeing the same advice given out by so called experts. This stuff is so basic and what the author is implying is that if you just do your hard work, the money will come in. If I have learned anything in my search for the holy grail of making money online it is that there is no list of things to do to be successful, and if there was, it sure as hell wouldn't be 5 things.