Hanging with Shoemoney and Thor Shrock

I feel pretty fortunate to live where I do, which might seem odd to some since I live in Lincoln, NE. I used to think that since I didn't live in a big city that my options were limited as to how much money I could make, what I could do, etc. That started to change about a year or so ago when I really started to figure out this 'make money online' thing.

In my search for knowledge about how to make some extra income I happened across Jeremy 'Shoemoney' Schoemaker's blog, but it wasn't until about last November that I put it together that we live in the same town. Weird.

I figured out that he lives in Lincoln from doing a Google search on his name and seeing a group he started called Nebraska People Making Money Online. Jeremy hosts the events for free (now at the new Shoemoneyplex), and they are an opportunity for Nebraskans interested in making money online to get together and teach each other what they know. Pretty awesome :) He said the group had no interest and has folded, but we still meet and I think it's pretty cool. I mean, how many people do affiliate marketing online in NE anyway?

The last NPMMO meeting was yesterday (Wed 30th), and was hosted by the now infamous Thor Shrock (big TS) who presented a DVD of some guy talking about branding (I don't remember who it was, but he was some big shot). Thor also pimped his new site which is sort of like a NIM 2 but way better (this is going to be big). Better contestants, better prizes, better challenges, and best of all, it's going to right here in Lincoln. I'm not a great affiliate marketer by any stretch, but this contest sounds pretty cool, and is going to try to overcome a lot of NIM shortcomings. You can check out the site, but I'll warn you that it's not totally polished just yet. I can't even imagine putting on a production like that so big props to Thor. Oh, yeah, and Brian from gave me a new shirt. Thanks Brian! I'd take a photo of me in and post it on my blog, but I think someone else already does that ;)