Great Blogs with Great Ebooks!

There have been two blogs that I've been reading lately that have really jump started my knowledge about blogs and blogging. I wanted to take the time to mention them here since I think they are great resources for anyone starting to blog on a regular basis. They have also been a really great resource and motivation for the Ads Project since they are focused on monetizing your blog.

The first is John Chow's blog at I've been reading this one for about a month now. This blog has such a wealth of information on it and has become a blog that I keep going back to read for reference and for new articles. He really lays out how to blog better, and how to monetize a blog well.

The second blog that I've just caught on to is Yaro Starak's blog at Again, a wealth of information on how to blog well and how you can do it to replace the income from your job.

What really stands out about these two blogs though, is that they both offer an ebook that details the paths to their success. They are very generous offerings to the blogging community, and are a perfect resource for any would-be blogger. Instead of being packed with sales pitches, the books are an honest look at the commitment it takes to run a great blog. Basically, both authors have condensed everything they know about blogging success down into an easy to digest 50 or so pages. I really recommend reading both books: