Google to Aquire Postini

I just read on the Postini website that Google will acquire them by the end of third quarter 2007. The price $625 million seemed low to me for such a great service, but they paid $100 million for FeedBurner so maybe it is a lot.

I've been using Postini now for about 6 months and can't believe how well it works. It is one of those tools that simply works, and is pretty much a 'set-and-forget' tool. The only issue I have with Postini is that it is kind of hard to get and it doesn't work with every host out there. You either have to go through a reseller rep and do some server configuration yourself or find a web host who is a rep that will do it for you. Luckily the host that I use is a Postini rep and can take care of all of the setup for me. I tried to go though a rep and set the thing up myself, and while I was successful, it was a pain.

At any rate, I hope that Google makes Postini better, just like it has been making improvements to FeedBurner. Google seems to be swallowing up all the the services I use, and while I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not, it makes life interesting (or more of the same depending on how you look at it). The End