Getting Technorati Authority and how to comment on JohnChow dot com

DEVTRENCH on John Chow dot com's Top Commentators ListWell, I finally made it to the Top Commentators list on JohnChow dot com a few days ago. The biggest plus so far has been that my blog on Technorati now has an Authority of 1. I know this probably sounds pathetic, especially since my current rating is 3,897,068, but hey, I know this blog is 2 months old and started at zero. I'll keep you posted if my rating goes up (or is it down?).

Getting on John's Top Commentators list has been a strategy of mine to get a pagerank for this site, and to get more traffic to this blog. I guess in that sense it has failed since still has a big fat 0 for a pagerank, and I haven't seen a spike in traffic since being on the list. However, I have seen a gradual increase in traffic from commenting regularly, and it's nice to see some of the faces on John's myBlogLog widget on mine. Hi everyone :)

It hasn't been too hard to make a large amount of comments on John's site. My secret method, which I'm letting you in on for free, is that I keep track of them in an excel spreadsheet that automatically tells me how many comments I've made in the last 5 days. There's some high tech strategy for ya ;) . Since hitting the list, I haven't been keeping track because now I can see the numbers on his site. John allows you to comment on posts for the last 20 days, so I've found that using his Archive is very helpful. I hope that people don't think I'm spamming John's blog since I try to make good comments there. In fact, his is the first blog that I've ever commented this much on, and now I kind of feel a part of it. I really like John's writing and all of the tips and tricks he gives out, so I find it really easy to comment there. John wrote a great post about how to comment on websites, and that is what inspired me to start commenting.

Well, as I dredge through the trenches I'll post this as my first big milestone for this blog. Remember that I have 2 goals for this blog:

Really, those goals go hand in hand: I want to increase traffic to bring awareness about how it doesn't have to too hard to make a website work, and that increased traffic should bring in revenue so that I can continue to write. John has already brought so much awareness about how to make WordPress work for you, and I hope to do the same with MODx and other web development techniques.

A big thanks to John for all the info and a big thanks to anyone reading my blog regularly!