Free Smilies for Your Wordpress Blog - SquareSmilies

I've been kind of a dick lately ranting in the last few posts so decided I should be nicer. Here are some free smilies for your wordpress blogs (or what ever you want to use them for). These are fun to make! Learn how to make and install them here.

Download SquareSmilies in zip format:

icon text text full text icon full text
smile :)

:-) :smile: lol :lol:
biggrin :D :-D :grin: redface :oops:
sad :( :-(

:sad: cry :cry:
surprised :o :-o :eek: evil :evil:
eek 8O 8-O :shock:

twisted :twisted:
confused :? :-? :???: rolleyes :roll:
cool 8) 8-) :cool: exclaim

mad :x :-x :mad: question :?:
razz :P :-P :razz: idea :idea:

neutral :| :-| :neutral: arrow :arrow:
wink ;) ;-) :wink: mrgreen :mrgreen: