DEVTRENCH is live!!

Well, it's official, has been moved to and rebranded as DEVTRENCH (well at least in name). You'll see a redesign of the header soon to incorporate the new DEVTRENCH logo along with some other graphical/layout changes that will suit the new site better. The site is now poised to grow into a web development hub for developers and designers that need great working solutions to their problems.

Switching the site turned out to be quite a process. I was working late yesterday switching the domain on my server from to when cpanel reported an apache config error :( I wasn't too worried though because I have a great host who has fast customer service and awesome tech support. They fixed me up and got live. Then it was just a matter of redirecting and to (I did this from the registrar I use: goDaddy). I also had to change the WordPress options for site url and blog address via phpMyAdmin, and then dump the WordPress cache to get the site working again. So, like I said, it was a process. It probably could have gone smoother if I'd planned better, but that apache error really threw me for a loop. That's how it goes when you work in the trenches though, you have to always be ready for that next problem to solve.

The only problem I'm really worried about (and I was worried about it before going into this), is that I'll start to get adsense ads about trenching and trenchers :) I'll combat that when and if it happens.

Some other upcoming things I'm planning on: