Blog Design is Important: the second coming

DEVTRENCH got its second major theme overhaul tonight. The new look incorporates more of what I think looks like a professional blog design as well as strengthening the overall brand image. To help the design look more professional I've added the little details that really make a difference:

There are still some things to do, like, in the sidebar I'm going to be adding features and rearranging some things. I'll also probably make the sidebar a 2 column layout.

This brings me to a point about blog design. I do think that it is very important to have a good web design for your blog (especially if you are doing a blog about web development). Some others can get away with a marginally customized version of a well known template, but I think that to really do a blog like this justice you need to totally customize a template to your needs (whether that is the default WP template or one you find, I'll leave that up to you). In order to do this you have to be a web developer or hire one. If you are interested in a custom WordPress design you can contact me from my web development website. The End