Big changes ahead for!

A name is everything. A name can define who you are and what your purpose is. For that reason, part of the Ads Project is going to be to change the name and domain name of the site. Don't get me wrong, I like my name, but I don't think it is right for the kind of site I need create in order to reach my goals.

This marks the first change in the strategy of the Ads Project, and it's a BIG one. I doubt the new name will have instant success seo-wize, but it reflects an idea that I've had for a long time. As web developers, it feels like we are on the frontlines of an exciting and dangerous battle. We're constantly honing our skills, practicing our craft, preparing for any conflict that can be just over the horizon. We have to keep abreast of new technology, be decisive about what new tools we are going to pick up, and constantly clear a path through all of the junk in our way, and make our clients happy all the while. It can be so difficult to sort out what works and what doesn't, what is a best practice and what is going to get you stuck, and where to go for help. All of these issues will be addressed in the new site.

So what is the new name??? (or totally superfluous rambling - which is what it used to be) will now be Dev Trench, Web Development from the Front Lines ( The new site will focus on web design and development that works. Real world development for developers who need quick solutions to their problems. The site will start out with my own experience of developing in high stress situations, and my solutions for rapid development on all fronts, but will hopefully grow into a multi user blog that incorporates many people's experience.
When is it going to launch?

Dev Trench will launch sometime this month and basically be a redesign of this blog. Then I'll begin to hone in on other changes and additions that I think the site needs. I'll clue you in to those changes before I do them, just like I'm doing now. Remember - this is a learning experience for all of us (including me).

Why are you doing this again?

All good money making web sites have a focus. Plain and simple. That pretty much goes for all good websites. Focus is good. Learn that and you can go a long way.

You see, when I was in art school I went from idea to idea, from discipline to discipline, just hopping all around. I never got anywhere and it was like treading water. It wasn't until my senior year thesis project that I learned to focus. I created 4 drawings over a 4 month period. That's right, each drawing took a month to complete. Long story short, I focused and created something that I still think is some of the best artwork I've done.

This website needs that kind of focus to be successful. It needs to be about a niche group of web developers who are struggling every day just to stay afloat. Hopefully the web site will give them the focus they need to stop treading water and start swimming for their destination.

Won't this mess up your stats?

Na, it will just make them confusing for a bit. As I make the change I'll make sure document it for you so that it can be a resource for how to change a domain name and not lose any traffic or stats. It probably won't be all that great of a tutorial since this site doesn't get any traffic right now, but hey there's another lesson: change your name/domain when nobody knows it.
A bonus strategy change...
I've also changed the Categories on the site. There are now 4 instead of 20+. These are just my initial thoughts and they may change names since I made them before I bought the domain names for dev trench, but the concept behind each is solid I think. I want an area for web development, equipment, life lessons as I call them, and I need one for the Ads Project. I want to implement a tagging system also to bring back the keywording that the old categories provided, but I think it is best for the categories to act like categories and not tags. Focus, focus, focus.

See you in the trenches!