Better Veriword Captcha Display

Just posted this over in the MODx forum and I wanted to cross post it here too. Just for fun :)

Here is the forum post:,15225.0.html

I really like MODx Smiley I especially like how accessible the core code is when you want to make a modification. One of the things that really bugged me about MODx is how the Veriword Captcha is displayed - both the look of it and the default words used for the captcha. I really didn't want my clients having to type in words like Zygote,BitCode,MODx,etc. I just wanted a 'normal' looking captcha with random characters. So I modified the veriword script to output what I think looks nice, and it uses a random string of characters. I just wanted to post the code and images that I redid in case someone else wanted a different look, or wanted to see what I did so they could make the captcha look how they wanted. It isn't too hard if you know PHP and an image manipulation tool like Photoshop or the Gimp.

Here is an example of what the script looks like (used with the eForm snippet).

And now for a link to the file:

Now you can either get this file from here, or from the MODx Resource Repository.