If you lost your job, how would you make money online?

AxedThis question assumes that you, like me, work a full time job, plus do other projects online. So if you did lose your job, or quit, what would be the ways that you would make money online? I guess what I'm asking is if you had that extra 8-10 hours per day to devote to your online money making efforts, what would you do?

I would do all of the things I'm currently doing:

Ehly Design -- Doing web development for others has been the biggest way I make money online for the last few years.
DEVTRENCH -- I'd keep writing on this blog, except I'd post twice a day and include more recent news from the web development community. It is my goal that this site becomes my main online money maker.
istockphoto -- I really want to post more illustrations here, and I would do that.
TurboSquid -- I'd post more models here since this has shown potential as a good money maker. I'd also try to find other sites like this and post my models there.
CDGCommerce -- I'd keep reselling this great ecommerce gateway and merchant account. These guys have awesome service and it's a great way to make passive income.

I would also add 3-5 hours a day on web development for new sites. I have ideas all the time for other web sites that have potential to make money online. In development I have a social bookmarking site, a site that does a lot of handy manipulation of text, and a site that offers the one best way to do things, but all of these have stagnated because of the time commitment to do them and lack of funds to get someone else to program them. Since this is what I like doing the most, I'd want to see how far I could take some of these ideas and turn them into reality. Makes me wish I was back in highschool with all the time in the world. Well, I hope to be on my own someday (uh oh, I said the 's' word) and make these things a reality.