August 2007 Website Traffic

August 2007 Website TrafficSeptember is here and now fall is just around the corner -- that means that it's time to do another website traffic report. Since this site is celebrating it's three month anniversary this is also a special version of the monthly traffic report where I'll show you the first quarter results of the Ads Project.

Here is the August Traffic Report:

And here is the First Quarter Results:

This month's traffic increased about 35% from last month. Not as staggering as the 200-300% growth I saw last month, but I guess they can't all be awesome :) Really though, the growth is good, especially since I got very busy at the end of the month with freelance work. I just didn't have the time to post as much as I wanted or to market the blog with client deadlines looming. I think that in all reality Maki of DoshDosh is right, though, that you have to spend abut 70% of your time at the beginning of creating a website to market it. That's especially true for me since I've made goals for the site that I want to reach in a year. However, that doesn't leave much time to write content, so that is where the struggle is.

As you can see from the First Quarter Results, they are well below projections. I was supposed to be enjoying my first $100 Adsense check this month, but I've only made about $8 so far. I guess I can tell John Chow that I've made my first 5 bucks :) I think that it is interesting that I made more in the first month than I have in the second and third months with the increased traffic that I've had.

As an aside...If you get into this making money online stuff you are going to read success story after success story of people, especially young people, who are making boo-koo bucks online. We're talking like 50k a month. Now to some, these might be really motivating, but to me they feel like a swift kick in the nuts. Thoughts like, "Why didn't I think of that?", and "I could do that!" swirl through my head for about a day, and then I pick myself back up and start to post again (really, my wife sends loads of encouragement my way - what would I do without her?). I just have to think, I'm digging my own trench, and I have to make it the best I can and keep going.

Anyway, I think that so far I've made a pretty good start with this blog. I've had traffic, there's comments, there are 50+ posts on the site, so I'm doing ok. My goal for the next three months is to ramp everything up a notch and see where I'm at. I'll be marketing more, posting more, and hopefully that will result in some good traffic generation! Here are some goals for the next three months: