5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using a Framework

I've recently begun to develop a website in the symfony framework and that got me thinking about why you'd want to develop with a framework at all.

1. Security: All good frameworks come with security helpers to protect your code and data from XSS and other hacking attempts. Make sure the framework you choose escapes all form input and all html output.

2. Scalability: A framework can help you scale your site for massive traffic if it includes a good way to cache output.

3. RAD: This is where symfony and ruby shine - they have excellent CRUD generation tools to do a lot of the coding for you.

4. Standards: Frameworks help your programmers build on defined standards. Really good frameworks build on available standards to make their projects better.

5. Community: If you are a single developer like me, then having resources to draw upon when you can't figure something out is critical. Communities develop around frameworks that can answer your questions and ease the learning curve.

PHP Frameworks that kick ass:

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